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The SingTel Accelerator challenge has ended!
SingTel would like to thank all teams who submitted their apps

Launched on Monday, 25 August 2014, the SingTel Accelerator Challenge was an open invitation to startups and developers who were building the next big app to partner with SingTel to take their apps to market in 2015. The challenge spanned almost 2 months from 25 August to 20 October 2014 and involved 5 phases as shown below.

In total, the challenge received 40 submissions from 70 registered teams out of which 10 finalists were chosen for the Pitch Day. Fiuzu emerged to win first prize and the SingTel-Samsung Group prize. BigSpoon and Sovou won second and third prizes respectively.

Important Dates
25 August 2014
SingTel Accelerator Challenge Launch
6 September 2014
Event is
now closed
21 September 2014
Event is
now closed
3 October 2014
Clinic Day
20 October 2014
Pitch Day
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